• madeline easter island

    Running Wild Amongst Sandy Giants by Madeline Pickering

    Feb 27 • 56 Views • No Comments

    We arrived to Creek Pasture past midnight to a deafening stillness. Unable to locate our friend’s campsite, we perched our cars at an empty parking lot and fell asleep in the backs of them, exhausted after the nine-hour drive. I wore my long johns...

  • moonlight.daveeatingwnuttool

    College Me and The New Members in the Tribe by Luke Mehall

    Feb 25 • 198 Views • No Comments

    I awoke in the Indian Creek desert to the sound of a crying baby. I tossed and turned over in the back of my Subaru – it’s always a good morning when I wake up in the back of my car – and sat there basking in a new sort of nostalgia. The tribe is...

  • zine_cover6

    Volume 6 in Print – Our Crown Jewel

    Feb 23 • 1018 Views • No Comments

    The sixth volume of The Climbing Zine is now live on Kindle and available in print. Titled “Prose and Parables From The Sharp End” this issue features a range of some of the most talented underground climbing writers including: Drew Thayer,...

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ARC'Teryx Shaun

Review: Arc’teryx Alpha Comp

Jan 25 • 850 Views • No Comments

At the Climbing Zine we get lots of gear to test, sometimes too much to really wear something for longer than a few weeks. The Alpha Comp was different.  I kept coming...

Screen shot 2015-02-18 at 8.28.01 AM

Review: Hobie Baja Sunglasses

A line graph showing the hipness of my sunglasses over the years would look like the jagged silhouette of the Teton Range. Peaks and...

Jan 18 • 134 Views


Beginner Dirtbagging – Where to Spend and Where to Save

To dirtbag or not to dirtbag, that is the question. The technique of dirtbagging is one that can only truly be learned by experience....

Jan 15 • 10001 Views


Review: Osprey Mutant 28

The Mutant 28, by Osprey, packs the essentials for a minimalist looking to get into alpine, ice or vertically mixed endeavors....

Jan 14 • 506 Views

B Griffith Nano Air

Review: Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody

For once, I’m actually psyched to “leave it on,” as their ad campaign suggests. For climbers and skiers, the best characteristic of a...

Jan 1 • 969 Views

phot Jordan Junck

Review: Westcomb Tango Hoody

Westcomb’s Tango Hoody is a formidable layer for a variety of conditions, with a lot to love in a simple, straightforward package. Having...

Dec 28 • 482 Views

Trust The Rubber 2

New Shirts: Spread Your Legs And Trust The Rubber

“Spread your legs and trust the rubber,” it’s an old climbing saying, I first heard in Joshua Tree many years ago. We...

Nov 25 • 673 Views


Review: Big Turtle Shell – Wireless Speaker (Outdoor Tech)

These days, more often than not, someone in a climbing crew of craggers has a speaker. If you want the biggest and the baddest – you...

Nov 4 • 373 Views


Review: Mammut Sensor Rope

The Mammut Sensor is a perfect name for a rope that encourages safety in the way it feels and handles. Retail: 60 meter, 10mm: $299.95 ...

Nov 1 • 543 Views

edelrid rope rev

Review: Edelrid Corbie 8.6mm Rope

Light is Right! is the new slogan for today’s alpinism. We pare down the grams in our clothing, sleep systems, and carabiners…but is it...

Oct 25 • 914 Views


Samson’s Top 5, New Climbing Products

As usual the Summer Outdoor Retailer (OR) show in August presented the latest and greatest new gear to climbing media. And, as usual Samson...

Oct 8 • 861 Views


Review: Evolv Addict

For a climbing slipper priced under $100 the Evolv Addict may be the best out there. The Addicts are a comfortable and durable shoe and one...

Oct 7 • 744 Views

©Earl Harper

Review: Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hoody

Soft-shell clothing has become popular over the years because of its adaptability, allowing athletes to bring fewer clothes and be more...

Sep 11 • 1240 Views

edelrid in action belaying from top

Review: Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device

There’s always room for innovation in climbing gear, but I thought belay devices had been pretty well figured out. I clip my ATC Guide to...

Sep 4 • 1203 Views


Review: 5.10 Guides

The 5.10 Guide Tennies have long been my favorite approach shoes. I like them primarily for two reasons: the burly sticky rubber on the...

Aug 3 • 1679 Views

pink belaggles

Review: The Belaggles, Belay Glasses

“What are those?” I’ve been asked that question 20 times in the last month, while testing out my new belay glasses. They look like a...

Aug 1 • 2878 Views


Review: Sanuk Hemp

Sanuks have always looked comfortable and sexy – I’ve wanted to check out a pair for a while now. The model I tested out the “Hemp”...

Jun 15 • 846 Views


Review: Scarpa Zen Pro

Amongst the wide variety of approach shoes available today, these shoes stand out as the armored tank of the fleet. They are extremely...

May 20 • 6747 Views


Review: Core Concepts Hot Dome Hoody

I have a hard time with gear geeks, those who go on and on about features of the equipment for the outdoors. For me, I either like it, or I...

May 11 • 1250 Views


Dirtbag State of Mind

“Everythings fine I’m in a dirtbag state of mind” In addition to getting our zines, e-zines and books out there, The...

May 11 • 1088 Views

InstinctVSblackorange (1)

Gear Review: Scarpa Instinct VS

“It hurts so good”…Tom Petty must have been wearing these when he sang that line. Scarpa’s new Instinct VS brings forward all the...

May 4 • 1993 Views


Gear Review: Outdoor Research Alibi II Glove

Let’s be honest: while mixed climbing, when most of us get to the next gear placement, we really really want it. In those delicate...

Mar 23 • 1492 Views


Gear Review: Turtle Shell Speaker from Outdoor Technology

Love it or hate it the crags are filled with tunes these days. Portable speakers are blowing up, and we got our hands on one of the best in...

Mar 19 • 1701 Views


Gear Review: La Sportiva Boulder X Mid GTX approach shoe

17.9 oz/ 508 g Suede upper, full rubber rand, Vibram sole Retail: $160.00 Back in the day there were running shoes that sucked to hike in,...

Mar 17 • 6936 Views


Gear Review: Outdoor Research Lodestar Gloves

I’ve spent a long time looking for good mid-temperature alpine and ice climbing glove. It needs to be warm enough to be useful down to...

Feb 4 • 1791 Views


Review: Mueller Euro Tape

Back in the day when I learned to tape my hands my climbing mentor taught me an elaborate process of how to do it. First we would bust out...

Feb 3 • 1922 Views

Jonathan Mitchell on the third pitch of Infared.

Samson’s Top 5, Winter 2014 Outdoor Retailer

Samson is back at it again, with his top favorite 5 products from the Winter 2014 Outdoor Retailer Trade Show. The winter show is always...

Feb 2 • 2825 Views


Gear Review: Petzl Tikka RXP Headlamp

Last year we posted a review of the innovative Petzl NAO headlamp, and loved the Reactive technology, but noted it was a bit heavy, and...

Dec 12 • 2562 Views


Gear Review: Hydro Flask Water Bottles

Early on after I co-founded The Climbing Zine and started attending the Outdoor Retailer trade show I realized it’s easy to get free...

Dec 1 • 2466 Views


Gear Review: Evolv Astroman

In climbing, maybe thanks in part to the Wide Boyz, off-width climbing is again popular. Now, so are off-width style shoes that offer ankle...

Aug 26 • 2048 Views

Dispatches From The Void Dispatches From The Void

madeline easter island

Running Wild Amongst Sandy Giants by Madeline Pickering

Feb 27 • 56 Views • No Comments

We arrived to Creek Pasture past midnight to a deafening stillness. Unable to locate our friend’s campsite, we perched our cars at an empty parking lot and fell...


Remembering How to Believe by Drew Thayer

My life is now unmistakably entwined in the rhythms of grad school; work ebbs and flows, and when it flows it’s high...

Feb 10 • 224 Views


Dawn of a New Age by Luke Mehall

I knew this whole Dawn Wall climb was big when President Obama started tweeting about it. In case you’ve been living...

Jan 25 • 391 Views

garibotti_r_0143_SM_1200[2] (1)

Video: The Fitz Traverse with Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold

For us posting this video, is a case of “I don’t always (fill in the blank) but when I do…” We...

Jan 12 • 215 Views

Two Tent Timmy climbing Rock Lobster, Broken Tooth Wall.

A Climber In The Winter of His Content

“You know there’s something special you’re needing. And you know there’s no drug that’ll do the healing, and...

Dec 5 • 2874 Views

high on moab

Review – High on Moab by Karl Kelley

“This book is a gift…Karl’s gift to you,” writes Fred Knapp from Sharp End Publishing, in the foreword for the...

Nov 24 • 1159 Views

crew at memorial toilet

Explaining a Memorial Toilet by Luke Mehall

A memorial toilet is a hard thing to explain. But that’s exactly what my friends were constructing last weekend, a...

Nov 13 • 1008 Views


The Rainbow Wall, Emptying Out

“This stillness to which all returns, this is reality, and soul and sanity have no more meaning here than a gust of...

Nov 2 • 2386 Views


Buildering The Mormon Temple Released

As of today Benighted Publications’ first fiction collection is available on Kindle for $0.99. It is titled,...

Nov 1 • 159 Views

The Climbing Zine

Indian Creek Reflection, before it all slips away

The good times are moving fast these days, zipping by as we fly through space on this big ball of rock. As a writer it...

Oct 13 • 1603 Views

Lindsey and Ryan

Lindsey Schauer: The Quintessential Climbing Mom

In the Last Pitch section of the new Climbing Zine, there’s a great, sentimental piece, written by Mallory Logan....

Sep 30 • 1325 Views

boulder weekend 017

This is Buildering

In the deep of the twilight, the night, buzzed on something, spirits, smoke, the usual, a change occurs: an athletic...

Aug 19 • 8184 Views

drew haul bag

Dreaming, Waking, and Remembering What Matters by Drew Thayer

The Dream In May 2012 I leaned against the rail of the overlook on the North Chasm View Wall on a balmy afternoon,...

Jun 29 • 2124 Views


Are We Born to Climb? by D Scott Borden

Is climbing as innate as sharing, copulating, greed, or even walking? Many evolutionary biologists would offer that the...

Jun 12 • 2857 Views


A Scenic Cruise and Then Some in the Black Canyon by Alexa Flower

As we descended further into the dark abyss, that haunting, uncanny mood settled in once again. It was an awareness I...

Jun 9 • 1774 Views


Hanging with Stacy Bare and Dodging Watermelons by Luke Mehall

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Hunter S. Thompson made a life and a living off that concept. I was...

Jun 4 • 1049 Views


Fear and Dehydration in Colorado’s Biggest Hole by Drew Thayer

Early summer in Durango, Colorado is great. Blissful. Idyllic. A typical afternoon usually involves waking up from a...

May 27 • 1199 Views


Who is Famous and What Is Hard? with Seth Adams

It was 2004 and Kelly Cordes and Josh Wharton had just climbed the Azeem Ridge on Great Trango Tower in Pakistan, which...

May 7 • 1668 Views


An Ego Spanking In The Gunks by Drew Thayer

We all need to be taken down a notch, as my mother would say, every once in a while. While I don’t necessarily enjoy...

Apr 26 • 1566 Views


The Diamond: A Pervertical Genesis by Alexa Flower

The night was silent apart from our winded breaths and quiet footsteps; largely stifled by the dirt and pine needles...

Apr 3 • 2414 Views


A Map To The Skyland Boulders, Crested Butte, Colorado

[photo of Ben Johnson climbing Blunt Boy (5.10a) Joint Rock]  The Skyland Boulders in Crested Butte have been called...

Mar 25 • 1271 Views


Hear Mehall On The Dirtbag Diaries

Publisher of The Climbing Zine, Luke Mehall, follows his dreams, no matter how absurd. Recently the Dirtbag Diaries...

Mar 13 • 788 Views


Patagonia, Lessons From a Bigger Scale by Drew Thayer

How can I describe the size of this place? How can I describe the dizzying gulfs of air below us as we claw our way...

Feb 5 • 1553 Views


Trim Season and The Mushroom Wall

Cliff took out his trimming scissors and chopped several green buds off the stem of the marijuana plant. After he did...

Jan 9 • 1256 Views


A True Maiden Voyage, A Fire In the Black Canyon

I was riding shotgun in an ‘86 Safari van, smoking a cigarette, and wondering where the hell we were headed. I had...

Jan 8 • 2757 Views


Tons of Tufas, Mexico’s Cumbia Cave, a photo essay

The Cumbia Cave is down a bumpy road in Nuevo León, Mexico. It is located in an area called Las Adjuntas, which is...

Dec 10 • 1575 Views


Colombian Policy by D Scott Borden

I’m sweating in the Colombian sun as I reach for a big flat hold on inverted sandstone. I clip a bolt and move onto a...

Nov 4 • 2292 Views


Blackened, The Black Canyon’s Hallucinogen Wall

The front edge of my helmet drags across the granite as I move my head from side to side. I feel the beads of sweat...

Oct 7 • 2164 Views


A Legend Passes On

Last month I wrote an article on bromance, which as it turns out, has been my most popular article I’ve ever written...

Sep 12 • 3339 Views


On The Road, and In The Desert

While I was on the road recently I met an artist whose favorite muse was the naked body. I was intrigued, first,...

Jul 8 • 1713 Views