Zine Senior Contributor Q&A: Rhiannon Williams

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As we get The Climbing Zine Book ready for publication we’re going to feature a few of our writers and contributors. Since Rhiannon Williams has been such a prolific contributor I figured we would start with her. Here’s a short Q&A we did. Rhiannon’s piece from Volume 9 will be featured in the book, along with several black and white illustrations. We’ll leave a link at the end of the piece if you’d like to support our Kickstarter for The Climbing Zine Book.

Photo of Rhiannon Williams by Eliza Earle

Art by Rhiannon Williams, published in The Climbing Zine Volume 16.

1. How do art and climbing intertwine for you?

My paintings are inspired by my climbing adventures.  I recreate a landscape based upon my experience with it, incorporating emotions and memories, which help to guide the process. How a landscape makes me feel is the most important ingredient for me to interpret it authentically. 

2. What is it about the zine that you think is different compared to other publications?

I appreciate the grassroots, independent vibe of the zine: It’s relatable and accessible. The writing feels raw, and I always gravitate towards raw and real. 

3. I recently saw that you’ve been living out of a van for 4 years. What initially sparked that interest; and what keeps you psyched on living out of a van? 

I traveled internationally for a year and then have been in my van for three years. I have always been inquisitive, adventurous, and somewhat impulsive. Living on the road is the most sustainable way for me to follow my curiosities and is also a great way to collect and gather inspiration that I’m sure will be filtering into my work for many years to come. 

4. What advice do you have for aspiring creatives? 

I think the most important thing is to stay true to yourself. And then work your ass off. 

Check out more of Rhiannon’s work at her site.

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