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So you’ve spent the last number of weeks, months, and days obsessing about this upcoming adventure, but what have you forgotten? THE FOOD! Well, if you are me and you’ve been brainstorming and dreaming about that next adventure, it usually involves a) what gear I have, b) what gear I’d like to have, and c) if I’m on my game, what snacks I want to eat. If you’re also like me, the snacks only cover a portion of the spectrum of necessary gear one needs for said adventuring. So, what about breakfast, or even more importantly, that coveted by many-a-hungry crushers, dinner!? Sweat that food oops no more, enter Good To-Go meals.

Reviewed by: Al Smith III, co-founder of The Climbing Zine

Good To-Go dehydrated meals are designed for the conscious outdoorsperson who is on the go, whether that is cranking out rock routes all the day long, or for the avid trail backpacker, who cares about what they eat and don’t necessarily want to eat the same ‘ol trail food meals, to the car camping family that believes in the value of wholesome food. Good To-Go was founded by a professional chef who wanted to find something that she truly enjoyed doing professionally and personally, and when her husband, and future business partner, and her decided to go on a backpacking trip, she was in charge of meals for the 7 day outing. What resulted from her years of culinary training being put to work was delicious, prepared gourmet meals that were dehydrated and packed out, sans water and weight, forming the principles behind Good To-Go. So good that you may, in a pinch, even decide to serve it to houseguests!

good to go

I have had the opportunity to enjoy three of these creations from head chef and co-founder Jennifer Scism and I feel I can easily say, having been an AT thru hiker and eating the grocery store aisles through and through, that this is the damn tastiest thing I’ve experienced in a backpacking meal, AND, you can actually pronounce and recognize all the ingredients that are going into your meal. No mysteries or funny business. This latter point is what I appreciate most about Good To-Go, whose mission is “to create real food for real adventure.”

Currently, they offer 6 meals, with gluten-free, vegan and pescatarian options, in a single serving size for $6.75, or a double serving for $11.50. My personal favorite is their Pad Thai, with shrimp added (if you can pack them in, pre-cooked works great!).

So, if you are craving gourmet yums whilst planning your next adventure and don’t want the fuss of last minute meal mistakes that may taste like cardboard, and don’t desire ingesting ingredients that you cannot pronounce, then make sure to check-out Good To-Go – dehydrated gourmet with natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives.

Two yums up, Al Smith III

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Smith is the co-founder of The Climbing Zine.

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