Gear Review: Turtle Shell Speaker from Outdoor Technology

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Love it or hate it the crags are filled with tunes these days. Portable speakers are blowing up, and we got our hands on one of the best in the biz from Outdoor Tech.

This little guy, the Turtle Shell Rugged Wireless Boombox, packs the perfect punch for a day at the crag. It’s clear, with a surprising amount of bass, and with the right amphitheater is as loud as you could need it to be (up to 96 decibels). The weight checks in at a mere 0.65 pounds.

I’ve been testing this thing out for six months, and I’ve yet to find a flaw, or something that annoys me about it. With the durable shell it withstands the use and abuse climbers put their gear through. I ended up added a piece of webbing onto a small metal bar on the back, for when I want to take it up a big wall or even just hang it off my harness while cragging.


While I doubt the designers had climbers specifically in mind when designing it, it is superior to every other portable speaker I’ve seen that climbers are bringing to the crag. It’s got some other techy features as well, that I never utilized, including the ability to use for phone calls. It’s waterproof, and also can be mounted on bikes etc. with the Turtle Claw bike and all purpose mount.

After six months of testing we learned that the Turtle Shell 2.0 has been released, with some updated features, and this is probably the only better portable mini-speaker that is better than the original Turtle Shell.

The Turtle Shell 2.0 retails for $129.95.

Check out more from Los Angeles based Outdoor Tech.


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