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Sanuks have always looked comfortable and sexy – I’ve wanted to check out a pair for a while now. The model I tested out the “Hemp” confirmed they are ridiculously comfortable, perfect year round sandals if you live in a place with moderate temperatures.

Retail: $60.00

Sanuks have their own style – they look like shoes, but wear like sandals. The “Hemp” has lightweight, but supportive soles, and the back of the shoe easily slides down so you can throw them on as you would flip-flops. As the name suggests the fabric of the shoe is made from the almighty hemp, with a stylish fray on the edge of the upper shoe. They are vegan friendly as well.

I got a pair of these in early spring, and found them perfect for lounging and getting around town a bit. However these were so comfortable I started to take them out of their comfort zone – something I don’t recommend. Hiking up third class in some burlier sandals might work, but these are meant for a very low impact.

A couple of hikes in rocky terrain and the top of the shoes started to delaminate. They are such nice sandals I felt bad for doing that, but several months into rocking these, I’m still wearing them, just not on approaches.

While these are sandals, and the footbed has an antimicrobial additive, I highly recommend wearing socks with them. I’ve smelled the results of friends not wearing socks in Sanuks and it’s not pretty. Get some open sandals if you have to go sockless.

All in all – for sixty bucks these are some stylish footwear, and you support the growing hemp movement. Just like Sanuk describes these are sidewalk surfers, and I wouldn’t recommend using them in much other terrain than the horizontal.

Sanuk Hemp


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