Review: GSI Outdoors water bottle

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Green, jasmine, earl, chai and black. Tea. I love it all! A day of climbing ice, I pack my thermos with hot herbal tea and honey.

by Amy Stevens 

For a day of rock climbing I pack my thermos with ice tea and lemon. I had yet to find the perfect vessel for a full day of serious warmth, but especially something to keep ice all day long (32 hours to be exact!!). GSI Outdoors has not only figured out how to create a bottle that would stand up to this test, it is also lighter and sleeker than any bottle I have ever used. At 13 ounces it outdoes its competition by half the weight, and with a width under 9 inches it actually fits on the side of my backpack.

I filled the bottle with boiling water left it out overnight in the freezing temps of Gunnison, Colorado, and the water was still hot enough to steep my tea in the morning. That’s unbelievable!!   This bottle guarantees ten hours of heat, but as I tested it, 10 hours was on the low side even in extreme temperatures.

Overall, the technology of these bottles surpasses anything else out there. I would highly recommend!

GSI Outdoors

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