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…and now for a poem: The Last Dance

A little something while you wait on the rest of Season 2. A poem: The Last Dance Support The Zine + our podcast by picking up a book, zine, sub, merch. This link will get you 15% off anything in our online store:  Read more stories/watch videos/explore: Photo of Luke Mehall by Greg Cairns

Going It Alone by Vic Zeilman

At some point in my early to midtwenties, I came to the conclusion that life is not about rock climbing. There’s just too much other crazy shit happening every day on this beautiful clump of space dust. The older I get, however, the more I realize that climbing is most certainly about life. At the…

Fill The Void by Shay Skinner

The reflection targets my disfigurement. If only the borders of this mirror could protect the rest of the world from my hideousness. My life’s insignificance rampages through my thoughts like an atrociously loud party that never ends. Nothing I do is good enough. I want to expunge my existence on a daily basis. Not even…