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Benighted in Zion with Tim and Dave

Luke and Dave’s first big walls in Zion. Benighted too. High on life and surviving in the vertical. Being a delivery boy for the Mountain Gazette. Traveling, climbing rocks, with my head in the clouds. Back to Potrero and then to J-Tree. Subscribe/ get a copy of The Zine here: Support on Patreon:…

Dirtbag State of Mind podcast / episode 10

All I Wanted To Be Was A Climbing Bum

“All I wanted to be after graduating college was a climbing bum”…Working in a paper factory in Illinois for dough to go to Mexico with. A rappelling encounter with baby rattlesnake in El Potrero Chico. The Cobra falls to the ground, but not Ancient Art, and name dropping “Jimmie Dunn” to a ranger in Yosemite…

Silent Night by Samantha Zim

I think I’ve read the words afraid, scared, terrified, anxious, and fear more over the last two weeks than in the last two years. In the contexts of both I am afraid and don’t be afraid. Like all climbers, I’ve spent time putting myself in situations that scared me—on purpose. I’m a very average climber.…

Dirtbag State of Mind podcast

For The Love of Dirtbagging

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