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Review: Scarpa Zen Pro

Amongst the wide variety of approach shoes available today, these shoes stand out as the armored tank of the fleet. They are extremely durable and built to withstand years of hard abuse. In fact, many retailers and reviewers (e.g. Outdoorgearlab) classify them in the “light hiking shoe” category, and for good reason. Scarpa Zen Pro,…

Gear Review: Scarpa Instinct VS

“It hurts so good”…Tom Petty must have been wearing these when he sang that line. Scarpa’s new Instinct VS brings forward all the best qualities of an aggressive, asymmetric, powerful shoe. The Instinct VS (Retail: $169.00) excels in steep terrain. The stiff, down-turned sole and tight fit turn a human foot into a spring-loaded hook; when…

Climbing Haikus

Last month The Climbing Zine hosted “Climbers’ Beer Night” at Carver Brewing Company in Durango, Colorado and had a Haiku contest. These are some of the finest. Enjoy. (and, yes, these were written on real typewriters) Enjoy these? Feel free to leave a haiku yourself in the comment section below!