Looking Out The Window While Driving by Matt Spohn (a poem)

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Dusk comes gold

Off the dust of farmlands

Where tractors still plow

Fields nestled below mountains

Dressed in ribbons of ash.

Forest fires burn fifty miles away


I pray for this landscape

The surreal beauty. Dangerous beauty.

Gone-in-an-instant beauty

Made glorious

by this chance of disaster


Mount Hood is the color of the flesh

From fresh-cut salmon

the horizon is inked

A color darker than blood

The wind tastes of gin.

Tonight I give thanks

For looking out my window

While driving home. I say a prayer

and under my breath

Give thanks

For beauty that comes


From burning.


Matt Spohn is receiving his MFA in poetry from Pacific University and lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife Michelle and their climbing Chihuahua, Zoozoo. Matt has freed El Cap, rapped El Cap, bailed off of El Cap, and had a bag of poo tossed on him on El Cap. He has also freed other big walls around the world. When he’s not climbing, he helps run Stoneworks Climbing Gym and coaches a youth climbing team.

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