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  • Where The Winds Hit Heavy by Matt Spohn

    Dec 13, 18 • 1911 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    The granite escarpments of Castle Crags silhouetted the western skyway, massive gargoyles hunched and staring. I thought of my mother’s words: “Don’t do that. You’ll get hurt. Be safe. You’re going to die.” Sentences that salted every conversation...

  • Basaseachi by Matt Spohn

    Oct 18, 18 • 3574 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

    The teenage Federale slings his machine gun over his shoulder and bends toward my bag. Cocaine? he asks. Marijuana? I have a stash of weed stuffed in an ibuprofen container in the outside zipper of my backpack. No, I say. Josh stands behind me. He doesn’t...

  • Looking Out The Window While Driving by Matt Spohn (a poem)

    Apr 3, 18 • 1242 Views • UncategorizedNo Comments

    Dusk comes gold Off the dust of farmlands Where tractors still plow Fields nestled below mountains Dressed in ribbons of ash. Forest fires burn fifty miles away   I pray for this landscape The surreal beauty. Dangerous beauty. Gone-in-an-instant beauty...