Just A Climber, For Bears Ears Needs Your Footage

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To all our Climbing Zine friends and family: for the last year Greg Cairns and I have been working on our follow up to our film “Last Thoughts On The Dirtbag”. The new project will be called “Just A Climber, For Bear’s Ears”.

by Luke Mehall, publisher, The Climbing Zine (photos by Greg Cairns) 

We want this to be a community effort and we are looking for YOUR film footage of Indian Creek/Bears Ears to include, even cell phone video. Below is the poem I wrote for the film, for y’all to get a sense of the context. Please contact Greg at cairnsfilm@gmail.com or myself at luke@climbingzine.com if you’ve got some footage you think we may be interested in. 

Just A Climber, For Bears Ears by Luke Mehall

At 38 I always thought I’d do something with my life

I thought I would write something

Thought I would encite something

I thought I would enlighten someone, something, anything


But here I am

In Indian Creek

Bears Ears National Monument


Just a climber

Just a writer


They say you gotta pick your battles

Now I know

I finally know

My battle is Bears Ears


Because without Bears Ears

Without this here

I am nothing

I am…


Just a dot on a rock

That can’t get all my rocks off

On the dot.com

Cause, here, and only here

I belong


Here, and only here

I see the way.


I see, I see sea to shining sea

I see, this land used to be the sea

Here, I see Me.


I see a world moving along at the speed of greed

And when I’m out here I moving along at the speed of need

God, I need something to make me see

God, I need something, please.


Cause I was searching for my God

Until I realized it was she, she was here

That girl I gotta holler at because she is my favorite girl in the world

Mother Nature


That didn’t rhyme

But I aint’ got the time

Or the timing

To make every rhyme

Drop like that on a dime


Dime, money, we got a whole lot of it

In these United States

Wait. Just for a second.

Slow it down.


Cause I gotta say this

My privledge was built upon hatred


But wait, where am I going with this?

Looking this inward

When this protection

Is outward

This is the land

This land is your land

But the white man

Always says this land is my land


This land is your land

This land is my land

This land


This land


This land is the only way I’m thinking this way

The only reason I’m not heavily drinking today

Or in some jail cell, in some place so far away


But this is today

And millions are in a cell

And millions are addicted to their cell


But that Twitter shit

Won’t work here


So the importance

The importance of this

This omnipotent – ness

This bliss, this…shit…


I lost my train of thought


She knows, she knows

Mother Nature

I’m writing her poetry

In my own language

Not the first that she has heard

This land is not my land

This land is our land



They call it the Antiquities Act

You know that Teddy Rosevelt

That racist land protector

That false hero

Like so many American presidents


But left a good idea behind

While society climbed

Towards better ideals


Is it better to be idealistic

That to be so specific

That all this land is to conquer

Because what if, what if

We want to prosper


What if we still want to encourage thinking

Not the drinking of this orange faced kool-aid

Drop it if you think is political.

This about the right thing.
This is moral.


I operate between two worlds

Two girls

One a bitch, a mistress

This, America

Being all

Seeing all

Stealing all.


And this idea.

Public lands.

Land for recreation.

Land for re-creation

Land to pray to

Land to be a witness to.

Land which I could never describe

Not with a million words.


But I’m not a writer

Or even a climber

Or writing this

Or climbing this


This is being moved by spirit, spiritual

So forget any accomplishments

Any first ascents, this is


My America, your America, our America

This is what is left

Again, please contact Greg at cairnsfilm@gmail.com or myself at luke@climbingzine.com if you’ve got some footage you think we may be interested in. 

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