Keep the Zine alive and subscribe today! (update: we are going for 200!)

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We’ve never done this, and perhaps it would be a failure (anything can be) but I’m hoping to rally a big subscription push for The Climbing Zine. Our goal is to add 100 new subscribers in the next month! NOTE: WE HAVE REACHED OUR GOAL OF 100 AND ARE GOING FOR 200!

The Zine, as we affectionately call it, is narrowing in on 10 years as a publication.

As some of you might know we have taken the long road to becoming one of the major climbing publications. We had three zines published before we even had a website!

Volume 1 of The Zine!

Slowly, over the years we’ve been doing our own thing in the most creative way possible, and the climbing community has embraced us. I used to have my elevator pitch about why people should read the zine, and now people tell me their own little elevator pitch about why the zine resonates with them.

My point of this post is not to humble brag my way through it, but to do a simple ask: to ask you to subscribe to The Climbing Zine today. We know that climbers love free things, so with each of our 1, 2, and 3 year subscriptions with have various freebies, including shirts, zines, and books. For example with a 1 year subscription for $24.99 you can score free copies of Volumes 13-15, a 2 year subscription for $37.99 you can get a free copy of my book, The Desert, and with a 3 year subscription for $54.99. All current subscriptions start with Volume 16.

Additionally we are bringing back “one year for you + one year for a friend” – you can score an additional one year subscription for a few more bucks.

While I take a break from book writing for the next year, my plan is to invest in creating more content in the form of audio and visual. We have launched a YouTube channel, and later this year we will launch our “dirtbag state of mind” podcast, which will begin by me reading my books, American Climber, and The Desert. We are also going to be releasing The Climbing Zine Book later this year to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. The “zine book” will feature our favorite essays from Volumes 1-11.

Thanks to all of you who have supported The Zine over the years, and I’m so psyched the climbing community has embraced us, and allowed me the opportunity to create, for you!

All the info. to subscribe is right below.


Dig the words? Keep the dream alive by subscribing to The Climbing Zine. It’s $24.99 a year for three issues, and $37.99 for two years (six issues) $54.99 for three years (nine issues) and $99.99 for five years (fifteen issues). We run new specials every week with freebies, so be sure to check out our store for the latest beta.

About us: The Climbing Zine was started in 2010 by Al Smith III and Luke Mehall. It continues to the day with the mission of representing the true essence of climbing. Our crown jewel is our printed version, but we also do the interweb thing, and Kindle

We have also published six books: The Desert,  Graduating From College MeAmerican ClimberThe Great American Dirtbags , Climbing Out of Bed, and Squeak Goes Climbing In Yosemite National Park (a climbing children’s book) .

Check out our new film, Just A Climber, For Bears Ears

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