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  • Going Out To Come Home by Stacy Bare

    May 27, 19 • 4968 Views • Locations1 Comment

    The night was cold, and where the moon and stars shone around patches of clouds, they were incredibly bright. There was no ambient light out here. I was standing on a half-finished patio attached to a half-finished house in an otherwise empty summer-herding...

  • Who Will Fight For Our Right?

    Feb 11, 16 • 2240 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    Note: this article was originally published in The Durango Telegraph. Last week my monthly contribution to the Durango Telegraph was delayed by a week. Normally I don’t like getting bumped from my usual spot, but this time there was good reason. When my...

  • Review: Alone on the Wall by Alex Honnold

    Dec 14, 15 • 4337 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    Every sport has a Michael Jordan, the athlete whose fame stretches well beyond the playing field, and for climbing that person is Alex Honnold. Honnold, a 30-year-old climber hailing from Sacramento, California, has gained worldwide notoriety for his filmed...