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  • Free Moab (and Boulder)

    Oct 5, 16 • 2620 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    Utah and Colorado. We are neighbors, and many of us go back and forth between our borders so often it’s hard to know which place to call home. Sure, the government makes us all have an address to claim, but that feeling that overtakes you when you arrive at...

  • Review – High on Moab by Karl Kelley

    Mar 11, 16 • 4879 Views • Locations1 Comment

    “This book is a gift…Karl’s gift to you,” writes Fred Knapp from Sharp End Publishing, in the foreword for the new guidebook, “High on Moab” by Karl Kelley. I can’t think of truer words to start off my review. Reviewed by Luke Mehall, publisher...

  • On The Road, and In The Desert

    Jul 8, 13 • 3917 Views • Desert2 Comments

    While I was on the road recently I met an artist whose favorite muse was the naked body. I was intrigued, first, because she was a beautiful thirty-something woman, from Aspen of all places, but on a deeper level it made me ponder why. I’ve later thought...