Blue Eyes Climbing In The Rain (a poem) by Luke Mehall

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In the desert in rains

In the desert climber brains

Can think of nothing but climbing

But climbing is not the answer

Climbing after a good rainstorm

Was the result of a bad brainstorm

Instagram has your mind warped

Get back to your conscious

Your common sense

Don’t take this sandstone for granite

It’s as delicate as a flower

And your power

You rock climber

Is magnificent

I know you, Supercrack climber

Love climbing

I love you, Indian Creek climber

And I love climbing too

But do you love it more

Than a broken hold

And broken bones

From pulled gear

Climbing after the rain

Comes from a place of fear

Or stupidity, I don’t get it


Actually I do.

I want to climb too

Climbing in the desert is more art, than sport

Philosophically, and intrinsically

We will get more out of it,

If we listen to nature and wait

This is a planet out of balance

But on the rock we find our balance

But why rush that?

Here’s a simple equation

It’s the opposite of copulation

Dry is good

Wet is no-gud (like the Banditos)

After every rainstorm

Take a good brainstorm

Or a rest day

Even if you don’t need

A rest day

Make it your best day

Drink some coffee

Drink some tea

Drink a beer

Smoke em if you got em

Yoga could be the answer

Make love it a tent

Or a long hike up a forgotten wash

Milt’s burgers are the bomb

And food trucks are all over in Moab

Find the wild turkeys

Or petroglyphs

Light a spliff

Look at flowers

Or trees, birds, please

This desert is full of wonder

And climbing is just another

Thing we do

It can’t be all we do

Wait a day

Build the fire

For sending

In ending

Just please trust me

And old D (for dirtbag)

Climbing In the desert

After the rain

Ain’t good for nobody’s brain.

Poem by Luke Mehall. Banner photo: Greg Cairns. 

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