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  • Finding Protection In Bears Ears by Josh Ewing

    Sep 8, 19 • 2009 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    “Yucca sandals,” I say to myself. “How’d they do this move in yucca sandals?” The sheer sandstone wall below me plunges five hundred feet to the canyon bottom. To my right, I see a Moki step pecked in the rock eight or nine hundred years before. But...

  • Susie and The Gnar by Joshua Smith

    May 1, 19 • 1009 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    Some are blessed by fate With thews and spines of steel, Some work hard and fiercely fight To rise above the common weal. Words by Joshua Smith from Volume 15, now available Susie packed a bit of both In a frame of five foot three And to her the words on...