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  • Dead, In Jail, Or Climbing

    Jun 22, 17 • 8532 Views • Uncategorized2 Comments

    I was put on drugs by the time I was seven years old, a kid labeled as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, a scam of all scams if you ask me. “They” gave me Ritalin, a stimulant used to carve and mold the overactive mind and energy of...

  • A First Trip To Yosemite

    Jul 30, 14 • 3252 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    The Western United States is a developed land, yet it is also very wild. Especially when you hail from the Midwest as we did, where there is very little wild land. Mountains and rocks had only been in my life for a couple years; a new medium to which I was...

  • Hippies, Dirtbags, and A Gift From Grandma

    Jul 16, 14 • 5125 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

    When I was in my later years of being a teenager I was convinced that I was born too late. I wanted to live in the 1960s. I was going through phases, searching for who I was, and I thought I was a hippie. I had dreadlocked hair, smoked pot, experimented with...