24 – Adventures with Two Tent Timmy

Luke takes us on some adventures with Two Tent Timmy, his best friend since high school, and climbing inspiration. This piece was originally published in The Great American Dirtbags, Mehall’s second book. This link will get you 25% off anything in our online store: https://shop.climbingzine.com/discount/DIRTBAG%2520PODCAST Read more stories/watch videos/explore: http://www.climbingzine.com

Parallel Traditions by Angela Lee

The Korean folklore goes: the Creator called upon all domes and boulders of Korea to gather up north, where they would join to form the two thousand peaks of the Geumgansan mountain range (금강산). Ulsanbawi (울산바위) headed north as well, but moved very slowly as it was one of the largest domes in the country.…