21 – The Painted Wall

Luke and Dave cruise The Cruise in The Black Canyon, and then on the Painted Wall, Colorado’s tallest wall, well, let’s just say they don’t cruise that one. Benighted again. But this time there was room to spoon! Subscribe/ get a copy of The Zine here: https://shop.climbingzine.com/ Read more stories/watch videos/explore: https://climbingzine.com  

Where The Winds Hit Heavy by Matt Spohn

The granite escarpments of Castle Crags silhouetted the western skyway, massive gargoyles hunched and staring. I thought of my mother’s words: “Don’t do that. You’ll get hurt. Be safe. You’re going to die.” Sentences that salted every conversation I had with her. I revved the engine and accelerated. I’d intended to get on the road…