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  • ISO: My Dirtbag Princess

    Apr 21, 17 • 4151 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    Note: this piece appears in the Off Route column of the newest Zine, Volume 10, The Raw Issue.  Hello, I am looking for my dirtbag princess. Have you seen her? Qualifications include living on the cheap, adventuring every damn day, and having more fun than...

  • A Tribute To The Gumby

    Aug 31, 16 • 3914 Views • Uncategorized1 Comment

    We sometimes treat them like the lowest of the low — like a new recruit in boot camp in the Army or something — but sometimes “The Gumby” aka a new climber can teach us the most important lessons in climbing. by Luke Mehall, publisher of The Climbing...

  • The Ask: How to Get Permission to Climb by D Scott Borden

    May 6, 16 • 1450 Views • Locations, UncategorizedNo Comments

    “Ummm…honey, you know that nice hiking weekend we have coming up together? Well, ahhh…Dale just asked me if I…ummm…could climb tomorrow, and I’ll be back before we leave. Sooo…would that be ok?” Sweating after an awkwardly tense eternity of...