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  • A Narrow Escape on Mt. Kenya by Jason Haas

    Jan 6, 19 • 4874 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    “Hey, wake up. Wake up!” Brian whispered harshly. “There’s someone out there.” I half opened an eye and begrudgingly listened to the deafening silence. “I don’t hear anything man, I’m sure it’s nothing.” “SHHHHH!!!!” Brian’s face was...

  • The Eleventh Hour of Half Dome by Jason Haas

    Aug 15, 16 • 2579 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    Climbing with a pack on is the worst. It’s heavy, it’s awkward, and you don’t even use half its contents in the end anyway. I was stuck, by all accounts of the word. I couldn’t go up; I couldn’t go down; I couldn’t go sideways. I was stuck. And it...