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  • Climbing Past War by Stacy Bare

    Jul 11, 17 • 8398 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    The uninitiated, those who don’t climb, always ask me why I do. I normally begin my response with the statement that I don’t climb enough. I’m a marginal climber at best and am thankful for many far superior climbing partners who humor me struggling up...

  • (On Bear’s Ears) Dear Sally Jewel, by Chris Kalman

    Dec 6, 16 • 2239 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    I heard you’re gonna be in Bluff. Got people telling me I should go—stand up for the places and the things I know. I wish someone had told me a month ago. Life gets in the way of life—you know? by Chris Kalman (spoiler alert, this piece is an excerpt...

  • Visions of Clark Mountain by Georgie Abel

    Jul 8, 15 • 2062 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    I wish I could tell you all about Clark in the exact way that my brain experiences it. But that has proven to be very hard to do, because there is something about that mountain that is so far from tangible, so far from words, so far from emotion, so far...