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  • Review: Beal’s Venus and Rebel Harnesses (combined gender review)

    Dec 1, 15 • 7890 Views • Gear1 Comment

    A combined-gender review: both men’s and women’s versions If you’re a woman, I imagine you might be frustrated by the pervasive lack reviews for female-specific gear. At The Climbing Zine we feel it’s important to provide objective information to...

  • Review: Arc’teryx AR-395a Harness

    Jul 10, 15 • 9945 Views • GearNo Comments

    Canadian ingenuity re-born: an elite all-around harness Let’s cut right to the chase: climbing harnesses range in price from $50 to $180, and they all offer a secure fit, provide easy access to gear, and are reasonably comfortable to hang in for short...