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  • Holding the Rock Together

    Feb 9, 17 • 4152 Views • Locations4 Comments

    I won’t say that I’m afraid of heights, but to be standing on the edge of anything looking down more than 50 feet or so gives me a funny feeling in the abdomen from just below the sternum all the way down to where the feeling translates into a...

  • The Dirtbag Dictionary

    Jul 23, 15 • 35286 Views • Locations7 Comments

    Ever wondered what kind of dirtbag you are? Or have you spotted a hipster that kind of looked like a dirtbag? After years of research The Climbing Zine, with help from Erica Lineberry aka Cragmama, have brought you The Dirtbag Dictionary, an excerpt from...

  • Why Climbers Aren’t Famous or What Climbing Means to the Masses

    Dec 4, 13 • 9515 Views • UncategorizedNo Comments

    “Do you do that?” is a question I’ve been asked throughout my climbing existence, with the emphasis on you and that. The question is always from a non-climbing friend or family member, and the subject matter for discussion is typically a recent TV...

  • On The Road, and In The Desert

    Jul 8, 13 • 4459 Views • Desert2 Comments

    While I was on the road recently I met an artist whose favorite muse was the naked body. I was intrigued, first, because she was a beautiful thirty-something woman, from Aspen of all places, but on a deeper level it made me ponder why. I’ve later thought...

  • The Climbing Zine

    The Climbing Zine Manifesto

    May 13, 12 • 2064 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

    In an age when the power of the media has been given to the people, we are here to offer our own outlet for what rock climbing means to us, The Climbing Zine. We were born on the rock face, in the moment, gripped, but so focused that our fear was transcended,...