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  • Review: Mueller Euro Tape

    Feb 3, 14 • 6736 Views • GearNo Comments

    Back in the day when I learned to tape my hands my climbing mentor taught me an elaborate process of how to do it. First we would bust out this huge bottle of adhesive spray (the size of a spray paint can) and apply it on our hands, followed by the...

  • Blackened, The Black Canyon’s Hallucinogen Wall

    Oct 7, 13 • 5427 Views • The Black CanyonNo Comments

    The front edge of my helmet drags across the granite as I move my head from side to side. I feel the beads of sweat break loose, falling from my brow and down my face. I try flexing my thighs to wake them from their blood strangled sleep, but to no avail....

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    Reflections in the Black Mirror

    Feb 21, 13 • 9096 Views • The Black CanyonNo Comments

    In the Black Canyon there are two kinds of free climbing routes: the casual shorter routes that offer a fun day out with friends, and the big routes, lines that stretch from the river to the rim and take a full day’s commitment. by Drew Thayer Climbing big...

  • The Sanctity of High Places – On The Diamond by Drew Thayer

    Sep 12, 12 • 3106 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    The clean smell of wet granite brings me to my senses like nothing else does. (Except maybe coffee…yeah, let’s all say it: thank god for coffee). Lately, it seems I’ve been basing my whole lifestyle around chasing that scent. I dream about it, in my...

  • Devil’s Tower, Worth Risking Dying For by Luke Mehall

    Mar 5, 12 • 3903 Views • Devil's Tower, LocationsNo Comments

    Devils Tower is one of those destinations, one of those rocks in the world that makes you think something divine happened there to create it. In the middle of the plains of Wyoming it rises some eight hundred feet in the air, a perfect cylinder of granite...

  • A Crack at the New Creek Season

    Mar 3, 12 • 4165 Views • Desert, Uncategorized, UtahNo Comments

    The first trip of the year to any beloved climbing area is exciting. It is a fresh start, a chance to see where you’re at mentally and physically, and it usually happens on the cusp of a new season. by Luke Mehall Yes, spring is in the air here in the...