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  • The Best Crag in America by Eleanor Krause

    Dec 5, 18 • 1399 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    It’s the beginning of August, 2018. Two months earlier, I’d been fortunate enough to be working for a prestigious think tank in DC that offered what normal humans consider to be generous benefits and paid vacation time, but being an adult wasn’t much...

  • Crag Mama’s Twelve 5.12s in 2012

    Dec 26, 11 • 4221 Views • SoutheastNo Comments

    Some of you may be familiar with my quest for “Twelve 5.12′s in 2012″ this year. For those of you that aren’t, here’s the skinny. At the tail end of last year I managed to eek my way through my very first 5.12a (TKO at Crowder’s Mountain) for the...