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  • Jugs on Jugs by Gaelen Engler

    Feb 8, 17 • 43147 Views • Climbing Culture22 Comments

    Pulling into The Chief campground in Squamish for my first time, I had to double-check the sign to make sure my boyfriend and I hadn’t driven into the training ground for a traveling circus. Uncoordinated, poutin-hungry tourists from China and Montreal...

  • A Love Letter To The Cascades From Gaelen Engler

    May 28, 15 • 1374 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    To My Dearest Cascades, Thank you for some of the best four months of my life. After exploring the remotest corners of New Zealand, meeting Burmese orphans in Thailand, and skiing chest deep powder in the Wasatch mountains, I really never thought I would say...