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  • Is The Dirtbag Dead?

    Jul 24, 15 • 12409 Views • Locations1 Comment

    “I was crazy and I was wild and I have seen the tiger smile.” Drive On by Johnny Cash This zine has come a long way from our humble roots of a stapled together black and white publication with a skate, punk rock feel. The latest result is Volume 7:...

  • Beginner Dirtbagging – Where to Spend and Where to Save

    Jan 15, 15 • 22668 Views • GearNo Comments

    To dirtbag or not to dirtbag, that is the question. The technique of dirtbagging is one that can only truly be learned by experience. Let’s face it, money is time, and to climb requires money. However, every lifestyle climber knows a trick or two to save a...

  • Crack Friday

    Nov 6, 12 • 9817 Views • UncategorizedNo Comments

    Last night I watched Magic Trip, a film documenting Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters’ trip across the United States in a psychedelic-painted school bus. The film brought back some good memories of my hippie days, and reminded me again of the lineage that...