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  • The Well by Devin Dabney

    Mar 2, 20 • 289 Views • Climbing CultureNo Comments

    Note: this poem is published in Volume 17, now available. Banner photo of the author bouldering in Coopers Rock State Forest, West Virginia. Photo: Jessi Haynes My temple is carved in a face holding tens of thousands of years of strife. The ages echo through...

  • Arno’s Dragon by Devin Dabney (a poem)

    Oct 2, 19 • 896 Views • Climbing CultureNo Comments

    Long before we decide, the path is carved for us. Sliced through existence to be forged for this one, and beyond. The goals we strive for in this life, the roles we thrive in, the roads we stride on, all to guide us through the night of our own inner selves,...

  • An Existence of Persistence (a poem) by Devin Dabney

    Aug 20, 18 • 2007 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    A passion that fuels Is one that burns brightly   Words by Devin Dabney. Photos by Angelique Brown. Published in Volume 13 of The Zine, now available.    The small space Between boredom and anxiety Where we form notoriety for lack of sobriety and...