The Dirtbag Manifesto

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“The world has enough for man’s need, but not enough for man’s greed.”


Where do we look for hope, for America, the planet, for the human race? The dirtbags. They usually descend from the middle class, where they had enough, materially speaking, that their bodies could be content, but not their souls. Their souls were driven to live, so much, in fact, that they gave up all conventional middle class ways of survival. Instead, embracing another way, the way of the dirtbag. A way, if the entire world lived in this fashion, we could live more in harmony with nature. Why? Because the spirit of mankind could be fed. When the spirit is fed, greed disappears, and without greed there is enough for everyone on the planet.

This piece is an excerpt from our second book, The Great American Dirtbags by our publisher, Luke Mehall.

About us: The Climbing Zine was started in 2010 by Al Smith III and Luke Mehall. It continues to the day with the mission of representing the true essence of climbing. Our crown jewel is our printed version, but we also do the interweb thing, and Kindle. You can now subscribe to The Climbing Zine as well! 

We have also published two books: The Great American Dirtbags and Climbing Out of Bed, both written by publisher, Luke Mehall. 

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