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  • Sugar Daddy (from the photo essay, Choss) by Steve “Crusher” Bartlett

    Nov 27, 17 • 729 Views • UncategorizedNo Comments

    I’d been driving past this rock, near Hanksville, for years. It’s just begging to be climbed but looked impossible without drilling a ladder of large holes for spikes (rebar? footing stakes?) of some kind. And what kind of fun is that? The “rock”...

  • Castles Made of Sand

    Sep 22, 15 • 2261 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    As climbers we all have that place, that favorite place where we’ve pushed ourselves to the limit and back, the place we could imagine our ashes scattered once our precious, short time is done here. For me, Castle Valley, is that place. by Luke Mehall,...