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  • Monster Cracks by Pete Whittaker

    Dec 30, 18 • 4479 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    Over hundreds of thousands of years, water has trickled, raged, and poured down cracks and creases, winding and weaving through rock rugosities, and worn paths through weaknesses to form (what is now known as) Canyonlands. by Pete Whittaker note: this piece...

  • Tom Randall: Wide Boy, Small Ego, Big Heart by Luke Mehall

    May 9, 17 • 5519 Views • Climbing CultureNo Comments

    Like most desert rats, I first heard of Tom Randall during his and Pete Whittaker’s infamous off-width tour of the United States in 2011. Both hailing from the United Kingdom, with very little access to actual off-widths, they constructed their own in...