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  • Who Will Fight For Our Right?

    Feb 11, 16 • 1992 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    Note: this article was originally published in The Durango Telegraph. Last week my monthly contribution to the Durango Telegraph was delayed by a week. Normally I don’t like getting bumped from my usual spot, but this time there was good reason. When my...

  • A Truly Stolen Chimney, Hilarity on Ancient Art

    Oct 18, 15 • 3478 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    True climbing encourages bravery and induces suffering. It’s at the heart of the endeavor, and all seasoned climbers recognize this. For most of us it creates a foundation of who we are, builds our character and gives us life philosophies. For most of time...

  • Castles Made of Sand

    Sep 22, 15 • 2791 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    As climbers we all have that place, that favorite place where we’ve pushed ourselves to the limit and back, the place we could imagine our ashes scattered once our precious, short time is done here. For me, Castle Valley, is that place. by Luke Mehall,...

  • The Climbing Zine

    Indian Creek Reflection, before it all slips away

    Oct 13, 14 • 6062 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    The good times are moving fast these days, zipping by as we fly through space on this big ball of rock. As a writer it is my job to record, to pause, to go back in time, if only slightly, and squeeze the juice out of divine moments, and leave produce...

  • Running Wild Amongst Sandy Giants by Madeline Pickering

    Feb 11, 14 • 3386 Views • Locations2 Comments

    We arrived to Creek Pasture past midnight to a deafening stillness. Unable to locate our friend’s campsite, we perched our cars at an empty parking lot and fell asleep in the backs of them, exhausted after the nine-hour drive. I wore my long johns...

  • Skinny Jeans and Desert Towers by Luke Mehall

    Feb 14, 13 • 2971 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    “Dude, those are skinny jeans,” Jonathan says. “They’re regular fit,” I insist. “See, look at the label.” “I don’t care what the label says, they are skinny jeans.” Jonathan and I are up River Road, near Moab. It’s January, and I’ve...