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  • Lawton’s Wall, Wild Mexico

    Feb 12, 18 • 4107 Views • Locations3 Comments

    Again, this one starts with a crying baby. This time the baby is Isabella, and we’re deep in a wild Mexican canyon called El Salto, an hour from cell service, fifteen minutes from a village where people don’t even have landlines or interwebs. Paradise....

  • Tons of Tufas, Mexico’s Cumbia Cave, a photo essay

    Dec 10, 13 • 4443 Views • MexicoNo Comments

    The Cumbia Cave is down a bumpy road in Nuevo León, Mexico. It is located in an area called Las Adjuntas, which is where two rivers converge in a beautiful lush canyon famous for it’s canyoneering adventure called Matacanes. The Cumbia Cave is on the...

  • Oh, Oh Mexico, The Cumbia Cave

    Jul 24, 11 • 8996 Views • MexicoNo Comments

    When you have cool friends they get married in cool places. That is why I got to make a four day trip to Monterrey, Mexico last month; my friends Mark and Norma got hitched in a small Catholic church, followed by a big fiesta. And, we got to climb too! [story...