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  • Susie and The Gnar by Joshua Smith

    May 1, 19 • 314 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    Some are blessed by fate With thews and spines of steel, Some work hard and fiercely fight To rise above the common weal. Words by Joshua Smith from Volume 15, now available Susie packed a bit of both In a frame of five foot three And to her the words on...

  • Up (and over) the Pope’s Nose by Josh Smith

    Sep 4, 17 • 2922 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    “Think we could throw a haul bag out of an airplane? That would make the approach really easy.” Kennan was looking at me and Jeff with a twinkle in his eye, and unsure if he was serious, I asked, “Can you even open a plane door in flight, and if you...