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  • The Enormocast: A Review

    Apr 17, 18 • 1235 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    Note: this piece was originally written for The Gulch, a fine, free magazine out of Durango, Colorado.  Enormocast: climbing’s favorite podcast Reviewed by: Luke Mehall There I was—in a rundown motel in Salt Lake City sitting across from Chris Kalous...

  • Hear Mehall on The Enormocast

    Mar 27, 17 • 6052 Views • Climbing CultureNo Comments

    Check out Climbing Zine publisher, Luke Mehall on the Enormocast with Chris Kalous. Please throw the Enormocast a buck or two if you like what they’re doing by clicking on the “Donate” tab on their site (upper right hand corner)...

  • The Long Run, a profile of Alan Carne by Luke Mehall

    Jun 13, 16 • 5782 Views • Climbing Culture1 Comment

    “There were no girls when I started climbing [in England],” Alan said, in a tone more serious than joking. I’d just met Alan Carne only twenty-four hours before, on a warm September day seeking refuge in the shade of the 4×4 Wall at Indian Creek,...