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  • Review: Edelrid Topaz Rope

    Feb 28, 18 • 722 Views • GearNo Comments

    Doing a gear review Climbing Zine style for a rope is difficult. For starters our method for reviewing gear is simple: we use it in our normal day-to-day climbing, as anyone else would. We pay attention to what we like, and what we don’t. Ropes are...

  • Beginner Dirtbagging – Where to Spend and Where to Save

    Jan 15, 15 • 19565 Views • GearNo Comments

    To dirtbag or not to dirtbag, that is the question. The technique of dirtbagging is one that can only truly be learned by experience. Let’s face it, money is time, and to climb requires money. However, every lifestyle climber knows a trick or two to save a...