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  • Explaining a Memorial Toilet

    Mar 30, 17 • 4433 Views • Locations2 Comments

    A memorial toilet is a hard thing to explain. But that’s exactly what my friends were constructing last weekend, a new toilet in the Super Bowl campground in Indian Creek, Utah to honor a fallen comrade, Kevin “K-Bone” Volkening, who died doing what he...

  • Adventures With Two Tent Timmy

    Jul 20, 16 • 2283 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    “If Jesus can’t save you, life starts when the church ends.” Empire State of Mind by Jay Z Some call him Two Tent Timmy, some Gold Tooth Timmy, while others may know him by his comedic, pseudo, weatherman name T-Drizzle. I call him all these, as well as...

  • Castles Made of Sand

    Sep 22, 15 • 1916 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    As climbers we all have that place, that favorite place where we’ve pushed ourselves to the limit and back, the place we could imagine our ashes scattered once our precious, short time is done here. For me, Castle Valley, is that place. by Luke Mehall,...