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  • Review: Good-To-Go backpacking meals

    Jun 23, 16 • 2456 Views • GearNo Comments

    So you’ve spent the last number of weeks, months, and days obsessing about this upcoming adventure, but what have you forgotten? THE FOOD! Well, if you are me and you’ve been brainstorming and dreaming about that next adventure, it usually involves a)...

  • Book Review: The Alchemy of Action by Doug Robinson

    Feb 16, 16 • 3304 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    Books often inspire me more than the imagery or dialogue in a movie and I think it has to do with the fact that a book is more my speed. If a particular passage calls to me, I can re-read it; If I drift off whilst reading, I can come back in my own time;...

  • Birthing Into The Climbing World

    Jan 6, 13 • 3252 Views • Humor2 Comments

    My introduction to the climbing world came as a chance to try something different with my brother-in law. I was a gym-rat of sorts in regards to weight lifting, and that had an obvious effect on my first route ascension as I flailed around on the rock...