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  • Crevasses and The Danger of Bad Judgement by Seth Adams

    Sep 27, 15 • 5779 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    It was sunny, warm and beautiful. There was no wind, and we were walking across the glacier to the base of our route. Next thing I knew, I was falling. I fell in a crevasse. Unroped. Its not something that anyone can plan to do twice. Sarah and I planned the...

  • One Year Later by Nick Chambers

    Jun 8, 15 • 3121 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    Climbing does not always go as planned. Rosa Malloy-Post of Durango, Colorado, is evidence of that. At the age of 23 she experienced a life changing accident in Indian Creek, Utah. Her dear friend, Nick Chambers, made this film, One Year Later, over the...

  • To Live Is To Fly by Luke Mehall

    Jun 5, 15 • 2208 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    As I start this piece it’s that time of the year when the Animas River here in Durango looks like a chocolate milkshake, and we’re all shedding our clothes, and living closer to the sun (and the rain). by Luke Mehall, publisher of The Climbing Zine I...