My Golden Era (a poem) by Elliot Natz

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by Elliot Natz

Note: This piece is published in The Climbing Zine, Volume 10

photo of towers in Canyonlands National Park, Utah by Luke Mehall


Golden era equals a time of discovery

And building of passion

An era of exponential growth



We all have a golden era

An expansion of self-expression

A way to solidify ourselves in our

Perception of the world


Yosemite in the ’60s

Saw a golden era of climbing

Bold new ascents

By bold new methods


Maybe I’m in the midst of mine

Climbing my way to the top of

Metaphorical walls in search of

A way to best express my

Eccentricities in a way that

I believe the world should

Interpret them and to better understand

Who I am and why I matter

Because, dammit





Or maybe that’s hubris talking

I won’t know when my golden era was

Until I’m hooked up to machines

That do all the mundane work

For me


Reminding me of all the

Great things I was once able to do

That I once did.

And I can take stock of my life,

Analyzing the good and the bad

The fast and the slow

And I’ll be able to know

Just when my golden era



While I’m lying there

Amidst the buzzing and beeping


I’ll be able to see

That a golden era

Doesn’t just start and stop


But rather accelerates and lulls

And continues from day one

Until those final seconds of life

Grasping onto the last terrestrial parts

Until the golden light shines

And I begin anew

Elliott Natz is a dirtbag with a dog, spending most of his days in and around Missoula, Montana skiing, climbing, and photographing the Bitterroot, Rattlesnake, and Mission mountains.  

This piece is published in Volume 10, The Raw Issue, available in print and on Kindle. 

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