Dirtbag Paradise by Amber Roepke (a poem)

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It’s your mom’s minivan pimped out

And only seats two

Because if it wasn’t hard enough to live in a van

It’s way harder to hook up in one


With a full set of seats in the back

Now it’s filled with old plastic bins

Scattered with random belongings

And an improvised bed consisting

Of a yellow foam pad and a sleeping bag


Lingering smells of cheap whiskey and feet

Are ever present


A freeloader of the Earth

Your path is lit by the sun and stars

And more often a headlamp


During those late evenings at the crag

When you are blissfully stuck

Between some rocks

And a hard place


Time is as absent as a good shower

But here rocks and rivers will teach

You more about time

Than clocks can


It is where time can be the greatest healer

As well as killer

Regardless of every mother’s cautionary tale

You can lay to rest the forces outside of your control

And find happiness

In the people and places that ask nothing from you

But your presence

A Wisconsin city ruffian turned Minnesota nice, Amber is a student who fancies sunset paddles on the Mississippi, starry night skies, rock climbing, and a warm cup of coffee on a quiet Sunday morning. She draws inspiration from her friends that show her how much beauty there is in this world and its people.

Banner photo by: Kristen Hughes

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