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  • Crag Mama’s Twelve 5.12s in 2012

    Dec 26, 11 • 2787 Views • SoutheastNo Comments

    Some of you may be familiar with my quest for “Twelve 5.12′s in 2012″ this year. For those of you that aren’t, here’s the skinny. At the tail end of last year I managed to eek my way through my very first 5.12a (TKO at Crowder’s Mountain) for the...

  • Oh, Oh Mexico, The Cumbia Cave

    Jul 24, 11 • 8203 Views • MexicoNo Comments

    When you have cool friends they get married in cool places. That is why I got to make a four day trip to Monterrey, Mexico last month; my friends Mark and Norma got hitched in a small Catholic church, followed by a big fiesta. And, we got to climb too! [story...

  • Dead, In Jail Or Climbing

    Jun 22, 11 • 6403 Views • Climbing Culture, Dirtbagging, Illinois, Locations, The Black Canyon2 Comments

    I was put on drugs by the time I was seven years old, a kid labeled as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, a scam of all scams if you ask me. “They” gave me Ritalin, a stimulant used to carve and mold the overactive mind and energy of...