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  • Samson’s 5 Tips for Entering The World of Trad

    Nov 11, 12 • 10804 Views • Gear2 Comments

    So you wanna start climbing trad- awesome, here are five tips to help you out along the way. 1. Hexes– Don’t get them. You may be tempted – they are cheap (like real cheap, you can get a whole used rack for the price of one new cam) – but...

  • Samson’s Top 5, Summer 2013 Outdoor Retailer

    Aug 8, 11 • 8258 Views • Gear2 Comments

    The Climbing Zine crew was up in Salt Lake City this past weekend for the Summer Outdoor Retailer (OR) show. We always have our eyes out for everything climbing related, and came back psyched and stoked on several new products, and one very major leap forward...

  • Winter OR, “Light Is Right”

    Jan 26, 11 • 3922 Views • GearNo Comments

    The Winter Outdoor Retailer show is notoriously absent on new climbing gear, but these five products stood out from the crowd – either for their game changing nature or for their simple awesomeness. by Samson The 5.10 Team VXi – The Lightest...