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  • Hip Hop and Climbing

    Mar 18, 13 • 3047 Views • Climbing CultureNo Comments

    An excerpt from Luke Mehall’s piece, Hip-Hop and Climbing, which will appear in the next volume of The Climbing Zine:  Volume 5, The Dirtbag Issue will drop on April 20th as an e-zine on Kindle, followed by a print release. “The top gets higher the...

  • This is Buildering Part 2

    Jan 16, 13 • 2773 Views • Climbing CultureNo Comments

    Conditions in the winter were far from ideal for buildering in Gunnison; ice and snow made climbs more difficult and cold temperatures made it harder to grip holds with numb fingertips. But it made sense during the winter. Climbers don’t get that rush that...

  • The Spray Dictionary

    Aug 27, 12 • 16914 Views • Climbing Culture, Dirtbagging, HumorNo Comments

    spray: 1. Climbing talk. 2. A climbing conversation in which the unconscious ego enters, steering the chatter towards graceless self-aggrandizement. Sometimes in writing you write something, completely forget about it, and then scramble to find the...

  • The Climbing Zine

    The Climbing Zine Manifesto

    May 13, 12 • 1906 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

    In an age when the power of the media has been given to the people, we are here to offer our own outlet for what rock climbing means to us, The Climbing Zine. We were born on the rock face, in the moment, gripped, but so focused that our fear was transcended,...