50 Shades of Dirtbag by Georgie Abel and Luke Mehall

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While many of you are just starting to savor the latest Climbing Zine, Volume 8, The Old School Issue, at the Zine headquarters we are already working on Volume 9, The New School Issue. And, we need your help. Georgie Abel and Luke Mehall compiled this list, a variation of all the dirtbags, more extensive than what we came up with for the classic Dirtbag Dictionary. Please let us know what we missed by commenting below or on our Facebook/Instagram pages. And keep it dirty, dirtbags!

Young crusher dirtbag, Druggie dirtbag, Name dropping dirtbag, Boulder (Colorado) dirtbag, Grass is always greener dirtbag, Burning man dirtbag, Creepy photographer dirtbag, Nurse dirtbag, Rigger dirtbag, Guidebook dirtbag, Baby dirtbag, The forever young dirtbag, the hyper-sexualized in climbing ads dirtbag, Super nice dirtbag, Super sweet dirtbag (you wish she/he was your bf/gf dirtbag), Freaky dirtbag, Hot springs dirtbag, TMI dirtbag, Poopy dirtbag, Beta whore dirtbag, On Honnold’s nuts dirtbag, Pro ho dirtbag, Starstruck dirtbag, Routesetter dirtbag, Philosophical dirtbag, Doesn’t know what a dirtbag is dirtbag, Douchy dirtbag, Exaggerator dirtbag, Lumbersexual dirtbag, Man whore dirtbag, Gearhead dirtbag, High maintenance dirtbag, Super sexy dirtbag, Highball dirtbag, Just climbs to drink dirtbag, Just climbs to smoke weed dirtbag, Flip phone dirtbag, DJ dirtbag, Next year I’ll really be a dirtbag, dirtbag, Grandpa dirtbag, Grandma dirtbag, Lip ring dirtbag, Never sends dirtbag, Always sends dirtbag, Cat crag dirtbag, Has a bad dog dirtbag, Has a good dog dirtbag, Can never find their dog dirtbag, Jealous dirtbag, Whipper story dirtbag, Ron Kauk wanna-be dirtbag, FML dirtbag, Always injured dirtbag, Bro dirtbag, Lulu lemon dirtbag, Used to do Cross-Fit dirtbag, Techy dirtbag, Go Pro dirtbag, Chuffer dirtbag, Gym dirtbag, Non-climbing dirtbag, Will eat anything dirtbag, Moochy dirtbag, Agro dirtbag, Baller dirtbag, Sensitive dirtbag, Poet dirtbag, Slutty dirtbag, Sketchy dirtbag, The climber that’s not actually a dirtbag, dirtbag, Yogi dirtbag, Just does Acro-yoga to touch girls dirtbag, Accidental dirtbag, Hippie dirtbag, Burnt out dirtbag, Back in my day dirtbag, Mountain Project dirtbag, Euro dirtbag, Only climbs because significant other does dirtbag, Rich dirtbag, Only does it for social media dirtbag, Artsy dirtbag, Still lives with Mom dirtbag, Professional dirtbag, Milf dirtbag, Super dirty dirtbag, Bad beta dirtbag, Does it for the love dirtbag, Salt and pepper dirtbag, Liberal arts graduate dirtbag, Guide dirtbag

Okay, dirtbags, what did we miss? Please comment below.

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9 Responses to 50 Shades of Dirtbag by Georgie Abel and Luke Mehall

  1. Bridget says:

    dance party dirtbags

  2. Tatiana says:

    Uber Dirtbag

  3. Luke says:

    What’s a dirtbag?

  4. Jason Young says:

    Born-again dirtbag.

  5. Jason Young says:

    Conspiracy-theorist dirtbag (a.k.a., Targeted dirtbag).
    Deathwish dirtbag.
    Commie dirtbag.
    Conservative dirtbag.

  6. Andrew J Vinzant says:

    I’m the rigger dirtbag.

  7. Ory says:

    Top Ramen Dirtbag
    Wannabe Dirtbag Dirtbag
    Lycra-clad Dirtbag
    Hip-hop Dirtbag

  8. Ly says:

    i’m-just-here-because-my-boyfriend-is-a-dirtbag dirtbag

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